About PFG & Co.

PFG & Co. is a small business with a goal to offer small affordable products we like.   Each product has been chosen because we use it in daily living.  Since we have had the opportunity to try them out we know they work.  The  WIPE CLEAN is really an amazing little cloth.  Our windows and mirrors are now really clean and without the use of chemicals.  We also love to use them on our cars. The only trick is making sure to totally wring out the WIPE CLEAN before using.

The SWEEP CLEAN is the handiest little gadget.  We were not convinced of its usefulness until we tried it on the carpet in the car.  After that we have used it for all sorts of quick sweeps around the house. Saves hauling the vacuum cleaner out for small tasks.  We have several so we can keep one in each car and then others where they are used the most.  Thruthfully the lint remover, though handy, is not used as much as the sweeper around our home.